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11 Dec 2020

Surviving the post-doc years with part-time jobs

As a post-doctoral scholar, I aimed to work for 40 hours a week on research on projects. I rarely working overtime as is often recommended. Instead, I volunteered and worked seasonal jobs on the side. These part-time jobs have improved my quality of life and been a source of professional development. In this post, I'll talk about some of the things I've learned at what it means for my future career.

08 Nov 2019

Usando R para analizar y visualizar tweets de SACNAS

Esta publicación de blog explica cómo uso R para analizar los datos de Twitter para comprender mejor quién está tuiteando en las conferencias y cuán impactantes son esos tweets. Espero que encuentre útil esta explicación y que lo inspire a realizar sus propios análisis de los datos de Twitter.

07 Nov 2019

Using R to analyze and visualize tweets from SACNAS

This blog post explains how I use R to analyze Twitter data to gain a better understanding of who is tweeting at conferences and how impactful those tweets are. I hope you find this explanation useful and that it inspires you to conduct your own analyses of Twitter data.

06 May 2019

Collaborative Conversational Classrooms

Do you ever co-teach with your colleagues? As in sharing the stage, not only splitting the workload? Here's a little story that illustrates how much more engaging class can be when professors teach collaboratively and facilitate conversation.

06 May 2018

CarpentryCon West 2018

A community gathering of Data, Software, and Library Carpenters in sunny Davis, CA. For details visit:

24 Feb 2017

Reproducible Data-Driven Discovery

Report back from the Curriculum Development Hackathon for Reproducible Research using Jupyter Notebooks and the Moore Foundation Early Career Researcher Symposium Control